FlyForJungle | Updates!
Posted by: Mercury

Hello there FlyForJungle Players,

Probably the updates we have applied in these patches, is not what you expected in the coming updates, although, that is due we decided to make this update as soon as possible even though we were not including all the updates scheduled to be performed this week.

These are some of the changes/updates:
  • We have added a high-efficient encryption between the communication Client <-> Server; this will protect the server from any kind of Packet editing programs or whatsoever, and only legit information is sent.
  • We have re-programmed the way stats worked, to fix a couple stats bugs we found.
  • We have made some adjustments to our CheatEngine block system to completely block the usage of such tool.
  • We have fixed the map (The widget you access with the hotkey "M"). It no longer shows a black empty space.
  • We have fixed the bridge that was bugged inside Kalgas Dungeon, in which you fell.
  • We have also added a lot of new emoticons !

By the end of this week, or the first days of the next week, we will be applying a new update including some updates you have all waited for, like activating again the Colosseum, fixing some bosses drops, increasing success rates, and so on.

We are going to announce our referral system next week, stay tunned!

And last, but not least important, I would like to announce we have hired a new developer, this was possible due the economical support the server has received lately; and we have also hired a new Game Master you will all know about very soon.

Best of Regards,
FlyForJungle - Development Team.